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I can watch this all day long. Hopefully I’ll get to see this natural phenomenon up close in person one day.

Check this out because it’s crazy. Mythbusters melted several bricks of pure lead and tested a scientific phenomenon known as the Leidenfrost effect, where a liquid that comes in contact with a mass that is significantly above that object’s boiling point will cause the liquid to form an insulating vapor layer that will protect it […]

Doobybrain.com has closed!

As you may have guessed by the lack of updates lately, Doobybrain.com has taken an indefinite hiatus and will no longer be updated.

It’s been a wonderful few years but Herman has ultimately decided to only maintain his personal site, hermanyung.com.

You can close this window and continue to browse the Doobybrain.com archives or you can continue on to Herman Yung’s personal website.

Go there now!