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A documentary about how the rich in America, centered around one of the richest stretches in the nation, control the outcomes of both the rich and the poor. Getting out of the poor part is increasingly becoming harder and harder as the rich stay richer and get richer. Disheartening, but eye opening. Watch this.

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BoingBoing¬†links to an article over at Harper’s Magazine¬†that goes into detail about the origins of the popular board game Monopoly. The article states that the original idea for the game goes back as far as 1903, several decades before Hasbro’s official year for the origin of the game which it says got started in 1933. […]

This is a very elaborate anti-Romney ad, no?

Luxottica. It’s a company you’ve probably never heard of, but chances are you have one or more of their products in your household. And chances are, you’ve been in one of their stores as well. Who or what is Luxottica? They are an Italian-based eyeglass manufacturer that controls nearly the entire eyeglass and sunglass industry. […]

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This is as official as it gets. Winning Moves is releasing a version of Monopoly that celebrates and commemorates the 100th birthday of Alan Turing, a man often called the father of modern computing. The board is said to replace the more traditional property names with Turing’s own custom board he used to play the […]


I want to say this every time somebody asks me if Pepsi is an ok substitute for Coke. ARE YOU CRAZY?! Of course that’s not alright! [via]