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I’m really enjoying these videos on YouTube made by Dreamworks animator┬áDaniel Hashimoto to humor his young son. They include Batman grappling hooks, toy Lightsabers, and even The Matrix. The YouTube Channel is called Action Movie Kid and it’s great! Here’s one more.

I first heard about this a while back while reading Jon Negroni’s incredibly complex theory that all Pixar films exist in the same collective universe (or timeline). It requires a bit of stretching at times to see how it all fits together, but honestly, that’s ok, because thinking of all of the Pixar movies as […]


So sad! Moviefone is ending its telephone movie directory service. I remember fondly using this while I was in middle school and high school many times to find movie times and theaters. It was one of those technologies that made me feel “future”. It was an interactive means of information dissemination before the web became […]