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This might be one of my favorite cdza videos to date. A concise yet wonderful history of jazz music in a little over 10 minutes.

Posting that City Walk video from before about FYF Music Festival in LA made me look up info on it for this coming year. Nothing’s been announced yet as far as I know. Might end up going this year… Here’s a recap video from last year.

I remember trying to go to FYF Music Fest last year but I never made it out there unfortunately. It certainly looks like a good time. Who knew that it was based partially on public transport and walking? In its 10th year, FYF Festival is a two-day music festival taking place in Los Angeles Historic […]

Wow, the world really has changed hasn’t it? Kids these days don’t know what a Walkman is?


So the lineup for The Governor’s Ball has been released. If you have Citi Card, you can purchase tickets as early as tomorrow at 10AM. Some select ticket tiers are already sold out, but general admission seems to be available. June 6-8. Mark it down. Go and get sweaty with a lot of other people.