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I just watched this 22-minute short film called The Distortion of Sound which argues that digital media and streaming music services are doing a huge injustice to music fans by lowering the quality of music for the sake of faster delivery. The documentary film is made in conjunction with Harman which makes the Clari-Fi audio technology that attempts to […]

This was my first iPod. I remember having to install a FireWire adapter into my computer just to use it. It was great and still my favorite of all of the iPod devices.


Kitten’s debut album is finally here! You can listen to it below and order it for your own collection today!

There’s almost no reason to NOT have Amazon Prime (in the US at least). Free movies, free music, and 2-day shipping on so many things! It’s the best. It’s not a Spotify replacement since it’s not about having ALL the music you like at once, it’s just a clever way to sell more music and […]