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MUTEMATH just uploaded this behind the scenes video of how they filmed the impressive backwards Spotlight music video.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted this interview before. A great insight into their next album…which currently has no release date.

If you haven’t heard yet, MUTEMATH is playing at Gordon College on February 8 @ 8pm. Tickets for students are $8 and all else are $15. This is by far the cheapest ticket price I’ve seen for MUTEMATH in the last few years. If you haven’t seen this band live, you really should. Definitely one […]


I am super late to find out about this, but so happy that I am now listening to this live MUTEMATH album. They are consistently the most exciting band to hear live and this album proves it once again. Get it now for just $7.99!

This is usually reserved for the Asides, but I can’t help but make it known that MUTEMATH indeed has new material coming out. They played some of it at the 2012 Guitar Center Drum-off.