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You’ve probably seen that weird video online showing a machine spitting out pink goop into a disgusting pile inside a factory. According to that video, the pink goop is what can be found inside McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. I guess McDonald’s was getting enough of this question that they decided to respond. And if you believe […]

One of the greatest living people in this day and age. Everybody should really do everything they can to emulate Bill Gates. You don’t have to be him, but you should act like him.

I have never heard of most of these myths. Also, maybe because I’m not a woman. Definitely one of the weirdest ads for Kotex tampons ever.

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This website is worth bookmarking and reading on occasion when you see a Tweet so outrageous that you just can’t believe it. It just might not be true!

Ha! I think I have a sixth sense for this sort of stuff (which is why I didn’t post it in the first place). I knew something didn’t seem right when I first saw that “school play” of Scarface. The filming of the entire thing just felt a bit weird and awkward (especially the constant […]