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No joke, I was thinking about the wonders of flight last night as I made my way from Los Angeles to NYC on a jumbo jet. It still seems pretty cool to me that I can get on a plane and get off in a matter of several hours and end up nearly 3000 miles away […]

National Geographic has a special program called 9/10: THE FINAL HOURS that apparently interviews several people who dined at the restaurant at the top of the former World Trade Center, Windows on the World. A little eerie…

This National Geographic Brain Games episode talks about why we rely on other people for our own happiness and decisions. Pretty amusing to watch all of these social experiments played out in real life.

National Geographic takes us on a journey with Crew 138 of the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station to see what it is like to live on Mars without having to leave planet Earth. The location is somewhere in the deserts of Utah and the area is used because of its similarity to Mars’ own […]