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I’ve posted about the Colby Poster Printing Company many times before and I just picked up this magnificent book about the now-closed print shop and its iconic fluorescent signs that inspired an entire visual identity for Los Angeles. The book entitled In the Good Name of the Company: Artworks and ephemera produced by or in tandem […]

Can’t believe that at one point in time in American history, people were almost content to own a plastic car that disassembles itself like this. And those colors…GOD.


I missed Allen Ruppersberg’s “You & Me” billboard in February of 2013 (I was living in LA at the time) but I wish I had seen it in person. Looks amazing. It’s an obvious homage to the Colby Poster Printing Company which I just made a few posts about.

I posted about the Colby Poster Printing Company before and how their neon day-glo posters basically identified the urban landscape of Los Angeles in the past. This documentary from MoCAtv shows how their letterpress posters were made and easily identified because of their colorful palette. Built to last, but utterly disposable. That’s the allure of the Colby […]


This is pretty great. The old Rialto Theater in Downtown LA is lit once again thanks to Urban Outfitters who moved into the space and restored the classic neon sign. Wish I was around to see this sight. So beautiful.