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If you’re in NYC tonight you really need to look up because the Empire State Building is putting on one of its best light shows ever just in time to ring in the new year! Happy 2014!

This oddly cut and awkward video is a portion of KDOC’s disastrous live New Year’s Eve show. It was filled with F-bombs, cuts at the wrong places, Macy Gray (?) as the special performer, Jamie Kennedy, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony dropping more F-bombs, and finally a fight on stage as the credits roll. This is […]

Every time I think of Dubai, I just think of all of the countless books that will be written about it in the future when it becomes a wasteland of industrial and commercial neglect. All shiny and new now, but let’s wait a few years.

My all-time favorite New Year’s was 2008 when I got to see the Sydney fireworks live and in person. It’s still one of the best I think on New Year’s (yes, even rivaling the celebrations in NYC) and I would love to go back sometime to see it again. Maybe 2014??