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Have you seen the new WIRED.com? It’s great! Clean, simple, and optimized for any screen size.

Whoa. This is awesome. Chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson are launching a fast-food restaurant with typical street-food aesthetics and feel. It’s called loco’l. Think corner curbs, open outdoor spaces, playgrounds, and delicious food. I really hope this takes off!


New album from Stars, a band that I haven’t listened to in a while but still love very much.

This video of the MAN Spacetruck was taken last year. But man, how awesome would it be if trucks started appearing on the road like this? Sort of like the Walmart WAVE prototype.

I didn’t know the MTA was doing this, but apparently from the YouTube video description: As part of an ongoing project to reduce wheep slip on trains, a rail grinder is used to make grooves in the rail for better traction, and as a result this sound is made when trains go over the rail. […]