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I was very excited to see Nikon’s introduction into the retro-styled camera game, but then I heard the price and it bummed me out. And then I heard about the weird analog + digital button configuration and I was like…WTF. So I passed this camera off as a non-contender. Seems like Fstoppers thought much of […]

I don’t really care for what camera system people use — to each his own is what I always say — but it’s interesting to see Scott Kelby, a long-time Nikon shooter becoming so passionate about the Canon 1DX which he fell in love with after he used it to shoot a sports game.

A rather scathing review of the Nikon Df, an odd-ball of a digital camera that doesn’t quite function very well apparently. The dial problem would be a deal-breaker for me. No thanks.

I actually think the shots from behind the camera of the lions crowded around the RC camera are more interesting than the shots from the RC buggy. This is cool though. Would love an RC camera to drive around.


Oh boy, here we go. The Nikon Df that’s been rumored for the last few weeks has finally been officially announced. It’s a classically-styled camera paying homage to Nikon’s film cameras of the past with a hefty price tag to go along with it. How much? $2999 with the kit lens (a 50mm f/1.8). The […]