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KCNA, North Korea’s official news agency, published the photo above of soldiers dancing in the street after casting ballots for Kim Jong Un in the country’s most recent elections. Apparently, everybody voted for Kim Jong Un.

I’m sorry, but Dennis RodmanĀ and every athlete he has invited to play in North Korea should not be there. Watch Rodman flip out on CNN when he was asked about the possibility of bringing up the captured American, Kenneth Bae, with the North Korean ruler.

This is so ass-backwards I don’t even know where to begin. The video above, reportedly from KCNA, North Korea’s official news agency, shows a man crossing the country border between North Korea and South Korea and then being violently dragged away by South Korean officials. If you view the video from the mindset of those […]

This is David Guttenfelder. He is one of my modern-day photographic heroes and definitely one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram as he regularly posts un-edited photos from within North Korea’s borders without any input or hindrance from the DPRK. Thanks to the Associated Press, David Guttenfelder is the only Western photojournalist with […]