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I’ve never had a Daddelrull (I hope I’m using the term correctly), but they sure do look delicious.

Real Life Exp. on Nowness.com. A short by Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli about two girls who get locked into an indoor swimming pool and end up passing the time by hanging with each other. A beautifully shot short film about…well, the mundane life.

Gawker posted this video of an insane Norwegian man ice skating almost naked, drinking a lot of booze, and diving full-body into a mostly frozen lake. Normal practice for the winters in Norway? You tell me.


TheDieline just posted some images of the newly unveiled product packaging for Mack Brewery beers. The Norwegian beer company had Tank Design completely redo their logo to bring together the entire line of beers under one unifying look. The result is something incredibly clean and simple with the blue can (above) looking rather dashing. I […]