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This entire Doritos commercial, while pretty great, is a perfect example of how ridiculous the NFL’s control over their “Super Bowl” usage is. The phrase The Big Game is as close to saying the Super Bowl as Doritos can get here without actually saying it. I mean, what’s the harm if they say Super Bowl?

Man, I would love to visit this piano restoration warehouse in Yonkers, NY. The place is called Cantabile Piano Arts.


The details of the deal are undisclosed at this time, but it’s official, Metta World Peace is now a NY Knick! Cannot wait for this season’s hijinks with this man. If the video above gets taken down, you can watch it here.

This place is actually on my list of places to explore. Good to know the Bennett School for Girls still stands.


I’ve been meaning to visit the abandoned site of the former Boyce Thompson Institute in Yonkers, NY but haven’t gotten a chance to get myself up there yet. It was once a world-renown research facility in plant research and all things related to plant growth, but after its move to Cornell University, the original location (seen […]