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This is an older episode of PBS’ fantastic Offbook series, but it’s one that I haven’t seen until now. I’m always fascinated by this subculture of TV shows, movies, games, and pop culture, but I can’t say that I’ve ever found myself indulging in anything labeled as “fan fiction”. While it’s not all weird, a […]

PBS Offbook looks at why we love analog mediums more than digital ones sometimes.

I love this take on animation and motion graphics from PBS Offbook, which as you may already know, has been producing these amazing short videos on different subcultures of art and digital life. If you think it, you can draw it, you can animate it!

PBS Offbook delves into the art of creating glitch images and videos. Something that I’ve been into for a while now but never realized you could replicate on your own so easily. And if you’re curious for more, this video here is a perfect compliment to the book Glitch: Designing Imperfection!