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Shot on 16mm ektachrome in 1970 by Garrett Brown. Music by Edd Kalehoff Shot with a Bealieu camera mounted on a pedestal looking out the windshield of an early motor home.  2fps multiplies the actual road speed by 12x.  Rushes is nearly all of the footage from an 8000 mile trip around the country.  8 […]


The Neat Stuff Blog posted a bunch of old photos of Los Angeles that really makes me excited to dive into VSCO’s new Film 05 pack. I posted some of the images inside if you care to take a look.

I’ve been reading a book lately about the dismantling of the former Penn Station. The more I see photos and videos of this place, the more I come to realize that NYC in the 60s did a huge disservice to itself by taking this place apart. It exists only on video and photos now, and […]