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Why are even the most normal things in Japan so exciting? I need to get here ASAP.


Famous for its super-cheap bus service from Boston to New York City, Fung Wah has just recently been ordered by the Federal government to shut down so that it can inspect its entire fleet of buses for issues.

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This is really nasty especially considering the fact that Pink’s is not actually all that good. It’s what I would like to call “shock-food” because it baffles you that people can stomach eating a hot dog with all this crap on it. But hey, if you’re down for that, Serious Eats has photos of what […]

Sydney’s Global Mundo Tapas has replaced the traditional menu with an iPad running the MenuPad app. I’d eat there even if the food was bad. but man, imagine the germs on that iPad.

Clever, but alas, an incredible waste of time because the order wasn’t even taken.