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BoingBoing posted this video from The Smithsonian Channel that interviewed a few former PanAm stewardesses from the ’60s who reminisce about the fabulous food being served on their airline. Such a stark contrast to the stupid peanuts and 1 drink you get on some domestic flights.


Look at these people just parked on the side of the road to watch an airplane taxi. This would never happen today.


This is pretty awesome. Anthony Toth, a resident in Redondo Beach, built a life-size replica of the interior of a PanAm 747. The replica sits inside a rather unassuming warehouse where guests can lounge, eat, and enjoy themselves in the comforts of the golden age of of aviation — without actually having to leave the […]


It’s pretty remarkable to me that Fab can sell these PanAm seatbelt belts for $45 a pop and call it a deal.


Just wanted to say that ABC’s PanAm TV show is pretty great. I’ve been watching it lately and I just like how it makes me feel like I’m actually experiencing the 1950s through the television. If you haven’t started watching it, you can catch up on all the episodes (there haven’t been that many yet) […]


Photo via Wikipedia Two things. First, I started watching PanAm (the TV show) this week and it’s pretty good. I really like how it looks — although the special effects and green screens could use some work. Other than that, it’s a pretty entertaining show. Secondly, I’m posting this image because I don’t think I’ve […]