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Not my words exactly in the title here, but this is a neat video that uses Starbucks cardboard, cups, and straws to make a video about the journey their beans make before becoming a drink at your local store.


This is amazing. Arjowiggins Creative Papers held a contest and asked people to make masks out of paper. Some of the top designs are so detailed and creative (not to mention complicated looking!!!).


In this video called “Happy Planet”, Zim and Zou create a miniature world of colorful papercraft creations, all of which come together to make IBM’s holiday greeting card for last year.

Wow, check out this amazing stop-motion video combining tons of paper cutouts of all shapes and colors.


  This is seriously one of the wildest things I’ve seen today. MyModernMet posts these images of Byriah Loper’s amazing modular origami. It’s all held together with no glue or adhesives — just a bunch of clever folding and angles. Byriah’s Flickr is filled with these things. Check it out!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from David Luepschen on Vimeo. Watch this lovely animation by David Luepschen. Merry Christmas! [via]