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Oh, and before I forget, while you’re at it ordering the green Misc. Goods Co. playing cards, you might as well add these 2nd edition black and red decks onto the same order. The new 2nd editions¬†are just as nice looking as the first so you really can’t go wrong!


One of my favorite decks that I own are the Pedale Design/Misc. Goods Co. playing cards. I own the set of 3¬†(red, black, and white) and now it looks like there’s a green deck coming out too! Pre-order now for $15!


I’ve had the white playing card deck from Pedale Design for a while now (since last December), and not too long ago Misc. Goods Co. started selling pre-orders of the red and black deck. Well, here they are — all 3 decks together at last! Definitely one of the best looking decks in my collection.


The beautiful Pedale Design playing cards are now being offered in red and black versions. The pre-orders sell for $15 each deck and guarantee delivery of each deck by April 2013. This is definitely one of my favorite decks (I have it in white) and I’m stoked that it’s being released in 2 more colors.