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I wish I had bigger images to show the detail, but check out these amazing ballpoint drawings by Robert Lansden.

Why buy a pen when you can mill your own out of raw materials? That’s what Alexandre Chappel did. Watch his entire process here. Mesmerizing!

Adobe’s first real foray into hardware comes in the form of two objects known as the Mighty and the Napoleon. The Mighty is a stylus with smart sensors. The Napoleon is a sort of smart ruler that when used in conjunction with the Mighty evoke a sense of ruler and pencil over a drafting board. […]


This is so cool. Niklas Roy taught a class at the School of Art & Design in Offenbach on making machines from cardboard. And while he was teaching, his students asked him to make one as well. So he did. And he ended up creating a mini plotter/printer using cardboard and a red pen. More […]


The Seattle Art Museum unveils Brazilian born, São Paulo-based artist Sandra Cinto’s site-specific installation for the Olympic Sculpture Park’s PACCAR Pavilion. With the help of museum volunteers, Cinto painted a massive wall a dark blue and freehand painted on it using silver pens (paint markers). Some more photos over here.