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Matt McInerney posted some images of the Deck The Holidays campaign he worked on with Pentagram for Rockefeller Center this past holiday. The work is bold, simple, colorful, and a bit cute — befitting for such a diverse audience at Rockefeller. Great work!


Here are actual photos of the new parking signs to go into effect this year in NYC. They were designed by Pentagram and offer a clearer way to quickly differentiate parking on NYC streets. More photos of these signs here.


Beginning this year in Midtown, NYC will start replacing about 6300 parking signs all across the city to match what you see above. The newly laid out signs are the work of Pentagram¬†and will hopefully curb confusion and frustration when trying to read signs while passing them by in a vehicle looking for parking. We […]


This is awesome. Achievement First Endeavor Middle School in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn was recently transformed by Pentagram into a vibrant and colorful space of learning. Pentagram teamed up with Rogers Marvel Architects to convert a pre-existing building into one that is unlike any middle school I’ve ever stepped into in NYC. For New York City […]