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Is this a proven way of preserving people and then bringing back to life? I mean, if they are frozen¬†after death, what’s the reason what they would be able to be brought back to life? Are these people just waiting for a yet-to-be-invented way of bringing back the dead? The¬†Cryonics Institute is such a puzzling […]

Photographer Daniel Boschung has taken the same GigaPixel photo concept and used it on a single human face, effectively producing an image where you can zoom down into the pores at full clarity. Here’s an example of a man named Enrique. Here’s the rest of the series.

The VICE Guide To Travel visits China’s Kingdom of the Little People. It’s a half-abandoned place where just about everyone is under 51 inches tall. The overall consensus it seems is that this place is nothing more than a “human zoo” with performers doing things for the amusement of the people coming there. Obviously a […]

This bit reminds me of Aziz Ansari talking about how black people love magic tricks.

These sort of videos always star strangers. But for some reason they’re always so fun to watch. Just people being people and loving each other and having a good time together. That’s the best! That’s life!