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In an effort to entice passerby’s to donate some money, cdza setup what they call the Human Jukebox. That is, it’s a couple of jars with different artists and genres of music where if you put money in that jar, the performers immediately switch to playing that type of music. Smart and entertaining!

This is so good! I used to see performers doing this in Melbourne on Swanston Street. Thanks Joyce!

Corey linked this video from Ignantwitted that gives us all a clear cut example of what not to ask a Subway performer. I love how cool she was about it. Most girls I know would have kicked this guy in the nuts.

My viral video alarm is going off like mad, so I’m not as impressed as I would be if this were just a bit more spontaneous. Still, it’s kinda neat I guess. [via]


Photo: LIFE Magazine Multiple outlets are reporting that pop music icon Michael Jackson has passed away from a heart attack after he was brought to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in a deep coma. Despite what seemed like a deteriorating quality of life in the public eye in his later years, there is no doubt […]