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The Neat Stuff BlogĀ posted a bunch of old photos of Los Angeles that really makes me excited to dive into VSCO’s new Film 05 pack. I posted some of the images inside if you care to take a look.

Screenshot 2014-01-18 10.26.48

This is an interesting blog: Craigslist MirrorsĀ is written by somebody who browses for used mirrors on Craigslist and posts the sometimes beautiful photos of the sale item.


WOW OH WOW. I am speechless. Julian Bialowas put together one of the most beautiful Year In Review photo posts I’ve ever seen for 2013. It’s all organized by month with plenty of beautiful photos to show off his adventures. Seriously, this is how you do it.


A photographic and scientific study of the melting glaciers in Greenland. Amazing photos.

Here’s some food for thought from Robert Jackson, a man who has amassed a personal collection of found photographs and snapshots and also one who believes that the snapshot culture of yesteryear has gone from photos of “we” to photos of “me”.