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The trouble with NASA images is that there’s no one place to enjoy all the images produced by the organization. Sure, NASA has its own Flickr Commons account and yes there are amazing images being shown on the NASA website and APOD, but all of these collections seem to differ so greatly in the way they […]


The National Post has posted some images from the Quebec oil train derailment last week. As of this post, 40 people are still missing and so far 5 people have been confirmed dead from the deadly explosion. There is now a criminal investigation into whether the train was sabotaged.


This is seriously great. Here’s a Flickr photoset of images of NYC in 1971, all in color. The neon lights at night in Times Square are so beautiful.

This is such an elegant and moving ad from Apple for their iPhone 5. Definitely one of my favorites as of late, especially given the fact that Apple’s ads haven’t really been all that memorable lately.

I think it’s worth noting that people often forget how technically adept at photography most astronauts are. And not only that, they combine their knowledge of space, planet trajectory, and sunlight to create beautiful images of the earth. Yes, it helps that the earth itself is a great subject too!