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I learned from reading Superdove that pigeons can actually recognize human faces, so this recognition of colors dots and simple shapes doesn’t surprise me. By the way, if you want a good book to read, Superdove is really interesting.

Mark Pirro films this brief video portrait of a man who pretty much keeps the pigeon population alive in Silverlake. A true lover of the Superdove.

This is so wild. BBC News is reporting on a new simulation technology that lets people pretend to be pigeons flying over London. It comes complete with a head-tracking technology that replaces your head with that of a pigeon’s.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been slowly reading through a book called Superdove about the history of the pigeon in different cultures and societies. One of the things I learned more about was the business of pigeon farming for consumption. In Chinese culture, squab has been a dish around for ages, but only recently has […]