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This is why I love pinball machines so much. They’re the perfect blend of engineering, mechanical perfection, and ultimate fun. I want one.

So weird! I just went here today and now I’m seeing a CNN Money report on this great place!


This is truly one of those lesser-known NYC gems in my neighborhood. Modern Pinball NYC is a pinball machine repair shop and distributor that also operates as an all-you-can-play fun-zone for a fixed entry fee. There are plenty of machines to go around and the best part of it all is that once you pay […]

Great video. But man, that vertical video really irks me. Is there ANY reason to ever take a vertical video? Why don’t cellphone camera manufacturers make it so that you can’t take video while the camera is being held vertically?

This is so cool. Jeremy Williams takes old pinball machine playfields and figured out a cheap way to light them up without them having to be connected to the pinball machine itself. His creation is called Airfield and it’s based on an Arduino board with telephone cables and LED lights. If you don’t have a pinball […]