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I first heard about this a while back while reading Jon Negroni’s incredibly complex theory that all Pixar films exist in the same collective universe (or timeline). It requires a bit of stretching at times to see how it all fits together, but honestly, that’s ok, because thinking of all of the Pixar movies as […]

This is the greatest thing I’ve listened to this week (and just in time too I guess since I just got around to watching Frozen). Here’s a guy that sings “Let It Go” from Frozen in the voices of 21 different Disney and Pixar characters.

This is neat. Pixar’s Andrew Stanton gave a TED TALK back in 2012 about storytelling and Google used portions of it to create the ad above which aired at the end of the 2014 Academy Awards/Oscars.

Man, I would love to go visit the Pixar Motorama. Looks so awesome and fun!

I’ve seen this robot before I believe, but this is the best video of Wall-E so far. I would pay good money to own this in my home.


This is just lovely! Chris Anderson created this amazing looking Pixar playing card box filled with custom playing cards featuring some of Pixar’s most well-known characters. If these were real I’d snatch these up in a heartbeat! More images inside!