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Got these in a few weeks ago. They’re alright. They seem a bit half-assed to be honest. Not my favorite deck, but hey, that special “cape” on the back of the Limited deck is a nice touch. More pictures inside.


Ruslan Karablin’s iconic streetwear brand SSUR has its own deck of custom playing cards printed by the United States Playing Card Co. These cards are very rare and as of right now are no longer on sale!


Lovely set of playing cards from Theory11 supporting charity:water. Their first version was black and this 2nd edition is blue. All proceeds from these card sales go towards the organization. Get ‘em now!

I like these a lot, but something is holding me back from pre-ordering these on Kickstarter. However, if you want to give it a go, you should.


These are beautiful and if you’re a fan of magician Steve Cohen or a collector of playing cards like me, you should really pick these up.