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This deck in black is $10.95, and according to Conjuring Arts it’s only being released in a series of 1000. So I guess get them now? It’s hard for me to recommend these sometimes because I’ve had mixed reviews with Conjuring Arts decks in the past. The card stock just isn’t my favorite. Not bad, […]


No real information on this deck yet, but it looks like Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project is set to release a yellow Tally-Ho deck. Pretty exciting.


How amazing are these Mailchimp playing cards made in conjunction with Fuzzco and Theory11? They look to be mostly an internal promotional item though so for now, there’s no way to get your hands on one unless you know somebody.


I first heard about this deck from the Kickstarter project An Honest Liar which is a film about the Amazing Randi. The Amazing Deck features the magicians that inspired the Amazing Randi to continue doing magic. Unfortunately, the deck comes at a high premium price of $25.