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Using bioluminescent bacteria, Dr. Edie Widder has made pollution that is relatively invisible to the naked eye visible to us. This is valuable to see just how polluted waterways are as you’ll see in the video above where she takes a sample and shows dead spots in the bioluminescent bacteria.


Have a look at The Blue Marble at night in this Google Maps mashup. ᔥ Explore


Photo: Petar Kujundzic/Reuters The Big Picture posts a number of photos of China’s toxic pollution levels and its effects on the population. Bad crops, poor health, and visibility that looks like you’re in dense fog. It’s all pretty terrible and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better.

I reported on this earlier, but yes, the dolphin that found its way into the Gowanus Canal earlier today has died. That water is just way too polluted for any animal. And oddly enough, rescuers weren’t able to go into the water to rescue the dolphin because they could be contaminated as well. If you […]

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Photo: Gina Ferazzi Another reason to move into urban centers instead of encouraging suburban sprawl — pollution. According to research published by The Atlantic, last year’s Carmageddon (and presumably, this year’s as well) reduced pollution near the 405 by 83%! Paulson and colleague Yifang Zhu measured pollutants in the air during Carmageddon last year and […]

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Photographer Rachel Lim dives into the phenomenon of modern China and the sudden surge in citizens taking vacations in Hawaii-like destinations like Hainan. The sheer number of visitors to these once-pristine locations in China has turned them into polluted wonderlands of sorts, with businessmen trying to set up get-rich-quick-schemes for tourists lending their hand in […]