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Pop Chart Lab has released this pretty fantastic infographic/poster of the history of the American flag. It’s only $29 for the print or a bit more if you want the print plus the frame. Great for classrooms!

eBoy is one of my favorite artist collectives. Their posters are insanely detailed and this profile on the 3 people behind eBoy is a rare glimpse into their creative process.


You saw the movie trailer, now here’s the official movie poster for Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here. Opens in theaters July 25th!


This is amazing!!! Calvin and Hobbes creator and illustrator Bill Watterson has emerged out of retirement/hiding with the first brand-new artwork since ending his famed comic strip Calvin and Hobbes in 1995. Watterson illustrated the poster for a new documentary called Stripped which profiles some of the best comic and cartoonists of the day. The […]