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This That Couple You Know series is one of the best things to watch online lately.

Mystical pregnancy trope in sci-fi TV series

I’ve been slowly going through Feminist Frequency’s channel and almost every single video so far that I’ve seen is incredibly interesting and enlightening. I don’t read a whole lot of comics but even still, what’s being said can be related to other parts of modern media. Here’s one episode about how women in sci-fi tv […]


Gawker covers this story coming out of Reddit in which the Reddit community actually had a helping hand in saving a man’s life. The story goes that a user found some old pregnancy tests from an ex-girlfriend in a cabinet, and just meaning to fool around, he went and peed on one and found out […]

The Candies Foundation picked up Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, to do this PSA promoting abstinence. Bristol herself went through a teen pregnancy and the baby she is holding in her hands is her own. I wonder what her baby will grow up like when he’s old enough to watch […]