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I need help. I keep looking at, and wanting to buy, camping gear. I don’t even love camping (I only like it right now). It’s beginning to be a problem. I want all this outdoor stuff — just to use indoors or to use in a city. How do I stop?

She brings up a good point, but more importantly…LOOK AT HER HAIR. It’s so fluffy! Pretty pretty!


Photo: Cult of Mac Everywhere I turn, I keep reading some sort of headline about the purple flare problem specifically concerning the iPhone 5. Let’s break this issue down right now, because at its core, I don’t believe it’s an issue at all. It’s a classic example of a LOSS OF COMMON SENSE! First, let’s […]


Upside-down photo above by Herman Yung Question for all you readers who have an iPhone out there. Does anybody have an issue with iPhone photos being sent upside down when emailed or posted to an external application? It doesn’t happen on every photo and I haven’t pinpointed why it only occurs on some images, but […]