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This video goes into some history about the DeLorean car company. I had no idea there was a drug-related sting operation involved in the fall of this company. Weird.

Here’s a cool video of a BMW car being made from start to finish in 15 minutes.

I’ve seen a few videos of Bentley’s production facilities, but this one takes the cake. It’s a video from DRIVE that shows just how Bentley has embraced technology both old and new to continue producing the best designed car interiors in the world.

A great tutorial from Stillmotion on how to pick a good boom mic and also how to set it up for use on set. Oh, it looks like the video can’t be embedded. Watch it here.


The British Journal of Photography has confirmed with Hasselblad that the last 503CW camera has rolled off their production line, effectively putting an end to the company’s uber-popular V-series line of cameras. So sad. If you have one, you better keep it.