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Watch this hilarious video from Reddit of some kid annoying his dad with some really stupid questions for a school project.

BoingBoing unearthed this fantastic studio video project from 1984 that interviews a few high school students about what fashion is to them. It’s pretty amazing.

Whoa! I’m really looking forward to checking this Park Avenue Tunnel installation out. The tunnel which normally is open only to vehicular traffic will be open to pedestrians on August 3, 10, and 17 as a part of NYC’s Summer Streets program.

To recap, here are the previous videos: Video 1 & Video 2. A super-fun time had by Casey and his crew.

Mars One is currently taking applications for highly qualified individuals to go to Mars by 2023. It’s a one-way ticket to the Martian surface which means…whoever goes is going to die there.

Posting this because of the train shots. But if you’re curious to know what this is, it’s a public art project funded in part by Levi’s called Station To Station. The art project begins in September 2013 and will involve a train traveiling from the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific with stops at certain […]