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I don’t condone animal violence, but when wild animals attack, you need to do whatever is in your power to save yourself and/or others in harm’s way. I think sometimes people forget that. In this case, I would have done exactly as Kevin Rose did here. A million extra points to him for not flinching […]

I didn’t know this, but one company in the UK, Raccoon does a lot of the vehicle wraps for the cars participating in Gumball 3000. These wraps are insane. I’m not gonna lie, those flat/matte camouflage wraps on cars look really nice.

A heartwarming story (and video!) of a raccoon mother saving her babies after they were trapped inside a seal chimney for about 72 hours. Even after the experience of being handled by rescuers and other humans, the mother still came back to rescue her young and take them away to her new home as captured […]