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A behind the scenes look at Selle San Marco developing new fenders with Ass Savers.

Not sure why I thought they wouldn’t, but yes, airplanes do have windshield wipers.

Here’s another roll-up fender design called Musguard which is still in funding status on Kickstarter. It’s unlike the Plume rain guard because you need to roll it up manually but the Musguard in my opinion looks a little cooler (not to mention it’s attached in a better way). Price: $25.

The Rain Room by Random International is an art installation that allows people to get the feeling of walking in the rain without ever getting wet. The installation uses cameras to track a visitor’s movement and then subsequently shuts off the droplets of water above them while leaving the other water spouts on.


I miss weather. You know, the kind of place where it’s not all sunshine every day. Where some days you wake up and it’s mad foggy. And then it turns to drizzle with a 10 minute shower followed by a rainbow. That kind of weather. Sunshine is great, but the rain makes you think.