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Cory Schmitz has posted some interesting concept work for what he calls “The New Xbox”, a totally rethought and redesigned look for Microsoft’s gaming system. It looks great overall and Cory does a good job of carrying over the look from different packaging layouts, but I think for a gaming system it’s a bit too […]


The New York Times has a nice audio slideshow showing several redesigns of the Homeland Security Terror Alert System. Featured are the designs of Fogelson-Lubliner, Sam Potts, Paula Scher, Neville Brody and Jeff Knowles who offer suggestions on how to make the terror alert system more informational, silly, serious, and clear for all.


This month’s WIRED features a story on Craigslist and its continuous rejection of all things modern on the web. It’s actually a very interesting and enlightening article on how Craigslist is a mess, but a mess that people can manage. It’s simple and without any additional features that some might find useless and that’s partially […]