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Charlie LeDuff, author of the fantastic book Detroit: An American Autopsy, returns to YouTube with a look behind the men in blue in Detroit who make sure that the city doesn’t turn into Ferguson.

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The Los Angeles Times’ Homicide Report page gets a visual makeover to further drive home the point that LA is a really deadly place to live. Racial tensions, gang violence, and just flat out crazy people aren’t a good mix.

I love the fact that KUTV itself thought this was funny enough to upload to their own YouTube channel. Glad she’s ok, but man, talk about dedication to work!

I’m revisiting this video I posted earlier of Kowloon Walled City. As I’ve mentioned before, this video probably gives the best images on record of the alleyways between the buildings in Kowloon Walled City and also shows some of the activities that happen here — like peeing, waste disposal, smoking, and other illegal activities. The […]

A retro report from The New York Times about Keiko the orca who went on to play the famous killer whale in the movieĀ Free Willy, and the attempt made by humans to bring Keiko back into the wild ocean.