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This isĀ Genevieve Dennis’ wonderful resume which highlights her skills as a designer in web, print, and illustration. While some resumes are filled with words, her’s is filled with charts. I like it!


Philippe Dubost, a Web Product Manager who is so talented, he may be priceless, has created an awesome resume online that resembles at quick glance to be an Amazon Product Page. Check it out here. [via]


So Google has a somewhat automated resume writer. It’s meant to help veterans, but really, this is helpful for anyone.

Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, or maybe I just didn’t care until now, but OS X Lion’s Resume feature sounds like a heck of a time-saver especially when installing updates for apps that require you to restart in the middle of all of your work.

Google+ is already beginning to be a good source for content. I wish I had more invites to give out because I want everybody I know to be on this network. It’s a time-suck, but it’s fun to start fresh sometimes. ANYWAY, I just went ahead and copied the video title for my post title. […]


Photo: Matt Rourke/Associated Press Caption: Recent La Salle University graduate Sean Christman of Westmont, N.J., handed out his resume to passing motorists in Philadelphia Wednesday. This is clever, and yet it is sad to see that graduates need to go to these extremes. Doesn’t make me feel too great.