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Here’s a near-zero-energy use solution to e-ink displays as price tags on retail shelves. Traditional e-ink LCD displays need constant power (although low) to keep their displays showing, but researchers at ZBD Solutions have developed a way to keep an LCD screen’s black pixels in place even when the power is pulled completely. This allows […]

I never understood why any phone company needed a physical storefront. But what do I know, right?


Click to enlarge Here’s a good treat for everyone in the NYC area starting tomorrow (6/16) until Mon (6/20): Wieden + Kennedy NY are hosting a unique pop-up shop experience with 40 select retailers all selling off goods at either bargain prices or full retail. The SHOP as it’s so conveniently named, is sort of […]

Cult of Mac has found a video of Steve Jobs giving a video tour of the Apple Retail Store concept back in 2001. The Apple Retail Store idea celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and it’s notable to see how the store idea has changed — and stayed the same — in the last 10 […]


I’ve posted some of Brian Ulrich’s photos before here on Doobybrain and now I’m about to highlight another project of his called Retail. Brian traversed the aisles of many grocery stores and department stores in America to capture the essence of what it means to shop here in the United States. Compelling and weird imagery […]

A quick update from one of my favorite brands Benny Gold on their upcoming opening of a new retail location in San Francisco. Good things coming for this man and the brand!