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In Japan, it’s not uncommon for successful women to pay attractive young men huge sums of money for a few cocktails and an hour of platonic companionship. VICE in conjunction with Schweppes sends correspondent Joel Cornell to Shibuya to explore this strange world and to find out if he can cut it as a professional […]

This is by far the most interesting FRINGES episode from VICE. In this video, we visit a Russian billionaire (Sergey Veremeenko)¬†with riches beyond measure.¬†Sergey Veremeenko has one of the largest art collections in the world and his estate is…well, a sizeable portion of Russia as a whole.


This may or may not be news to some of you, but it turns out that rich kids are better prepared for school than poor kids. The article goes into how the wealthy in America have gotten richer quicker than the poor in America over the last few decades and how this income gap directly […]

Don’t stop at the video above. Check out this kid’s entire YouTube channel where he reviews other foods and drinks that normally don’t need reviewing.