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It’s true, if you want to fly, you should go diving.


Photo: Barton Silverman/The New York Times A fantastic photo from The Lively Morgue of a bunch of people riding the Coney Island Cyclone (my favorite rollercoaster EVER) back in 1971.

The NYC DOT is launching this LOOK campaign to educate taxi riders and other vehicular occupants on the dangers of opening doors without looking. You could be taking out a cyclist! And remember, in NYC, if you do, it’s your fault! And you don’t want that hanging over your head right? Of course not, so […]

CHU – WELCOME TO MACHETE TEAM from K Birdie on Vimeo. Asian riders representing in Asia.

VANS x TheDiggest – NYC Trip from Vans Europe on Vimeo. Wonderful video of a bunch of BMX riders going nuts in NYC. [via]