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I just learned from the Disney Pixar blog that Russell in Up was almost named Lewis!

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Click to enlarge Haha, I love this! Russell is one of my favorite Disney/Pixar characters! Thanks Clarence!


To tell you the truth, it never occurred to me that Russell, the main character in Disney/Pixar Up, is Asian-American. But he is and he’s even modeled after one of Pixar’s own animators named Pete Sohn (shown below left). I can see the resemblance now. Given the very few Asian-American leads in American films, this […]

MSN just debuted a new clip from Up and it prolongs the already-funny scene where Russell asks Carl if he needs any assistance. I really hope they aren’t showing the best clips from the film in these previews. Anyway, the more I see these videos, the more I can’t wait for the film to be […]

The more I see Carl and Russell interacting, the more I can’t wait for Pixar’s Up to come out. This film looks like it has potential to beat out just about all other Pixar films to be my top favorite.


Pixar has released another image to tease us about the upcoming release of Up. The new image shows Kevin the prehistoric bird in full (whereas he was only partially being shown in previous stills).