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I first caught this over at Kottke: Scott Schuman caught an accidental shot of this girl named Kara about a year apart. In the span of this time, Kara, who was originally not from NY (she’s from the midwest), had been transformed into a chic city girl as shown on the right. The transformation is […]

The funniest part of this is that Nimrod actually gets multiple books signed and then sells them for more even though he didn’t buy them in the first place.

I guess this is sort of a continuation of The Sartorialist’s Lunch for 25. Might we see more of these videos and dinners in the future? I bet yes.


Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist is putting out another book called The Sartorialist: Closer. It’s a sequel to his first book with a similar name and this new title will be available August 29th with pre-orders starting right now for $17.


Photo by Mirkin The Talk has posted a short piece surrounding Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. In it, he basically dismisses the trend magazines are doing in sending young, inexperienced fashion bloggers all over the world to cover fashion. It doesn’t sound nice, but at least he’s being real about how he feels about it.