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It’s pretty remarkable to me that Fab can sell these PanAm seatbelt belts for $45 a pop and call it a deal.


I did not know you could buy Airplane Seatbelt Extenders online. But yes, you can, and if you find yourself too fat to fit into the normal airplane seatbelt, this extender should work perfectly.


Oh hey hey! Keep your keys in place with this Buckle Up Key Holder! It’s marked down 50% right now on ThinkGeek (so that makes it just $10)!

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership put out this very touching video on the importance of wearing a seatbelt while in a moving vehicle. The ad encourages viewers to embrace life and not be reckless with one’s own life behind the wheel. If you want to participate in a discussion about seatbelts, you can check out […]

Ford Motor Company unveiled a new development in automobile safety today by showing off their new seatbelt airbag system for backseat occupants. The seatbelt airbag inflates just as quickly as a normal airbag and is triggered when sensors in the car detect a crash. Additionally, the new seatbelt airbag system, which will be included in […]