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The Girl Scout Council of Greater New York has an office on the 6th floor of 43 West 23rd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues) and this location is the same place where you can walk in and buy Girl Scout Cookies in person until May 8th. Hours are Tuesday (12:30-4:30pm), Wednesday (2:30-6:30pm) and Thursday […]


I’ve posted a number of secret menu items from various restaurants here on Doobybrain, but instead of posting one after the other, why not just link to a site that does them all, right? Check out Hack The Menu here and discover all of the food you’ve been missing out on!

This is one of my favorite SoulPancake videos. It’s an experiment in which a couple is asked to come into a room and is then asked to interview each other with a set of specific questions that they were not allowed to review beforehand. Each couple takes their own turn in asking a round of […]

I’m pretty sure it’s Brazen Head and not Brazenhead. But either way, I was just reminded of this awesome secret bookstore on the Upper East Side located in a man’s apartment. It’s illegal to operate, which is why this man keeps his location a secret. But if you dig hard enough, you’ll find out where […]

Photographer Trevor Paglen gets profiled on his photographic work concerning secret US military sites both on the ground and in the sky. His work reveals something beyond what is just visible by the human eye as he continues to think about why the US government has such a large budget for secrecy. Pretty interesting work.