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It’s 2015, which means that the future is right now. At least according to Back To The Future. And other than the Hoverboard, what better tech represents the future from the movies as Nike’s self-lacing shoes that Marty McFly wears. The so-called Nike MAG is supposedly being released this coming year, according to Nike designer […]

These are nice. It turns out Nike no longer owns Cole Haan. THE MORE YOU KNOW!


Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Chrome NYC hub to check out their new line of Forged Rubber shoes. If you’ve seen their video, you’ll know that Chrome happened upon an old factory in Thailand filled with machines that used to make real rubber soles for boots back in the day. The machines were […]


I just heard about these Forged Rubber sneakers from Chrome and after watching the promo video below, I’m really curious to see how this differs from a normal sneaker. From what it sounds like, this rubber is tougher, more durable, and less susceptible to tearing and ripping even when bent, stretched, and walked upon like crazy. There […]