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In an effort to make all of their candy bars at or under the 250 calorie limit, Mars will be shaving off approximately 11 percent off of Snickers — effectively making them shorter. How will they package these shorter bars? In two or four packs to encourage sharing or saving one for later. Wait…that’s more […]


There are a few reviews on Amazon saying that the new POOF-Slinky (POOF bought the Slinky brand in early 2000s) is a bit shorter and thus cannot walk down stairs like the original Slinky is known for. Is this true? Also, when did the Slinky start selling for more than $10???


The days are getting shorter and the inevitable start of autumn and winter are happening slowly. Pretty soon I’ll have to break out the sweaters and jackets but until then, here’s a photo to remember this summer by.


Easier to move in and out of places. Not to mention also that my arms will now be growing in size because of the narrower stance I take. It’s actually a lot more fun to ride now.